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Friday, December 19, 2008

Shonda Graduates!!

Today, my little sister Shonda, graduated from W.A.T.C with her LPN in Nursing!
We are all so proud of her! She later plans to go back for her RN in Nursing!!

Before the ceremony starts, because she is already such a good little nurse, she checks up on Grandpa Baker. Grandpa just had a new pace maker put in two days ago.

This is Shonda with one her instructors, Martha. Shonda and Martha seem to have a great relationship and genuinely care about each other. Actually all of the students seem to look up to Martha a great deal.

Shonda with her graduating class. There is 29 in total graduating!

Shonda receiving her nursing pin!

And a few hugs!

Me and Shonda wearing her nursing pin!

After the ceremony: Mike's Grandmother visits with Grandma Baker, Grandpa Baker in his wheelchair and Mike's Grandfather looks on.

Shonda and Mike. Mike is sooooo proud of Shonda.

This isn't a good picture because I caught Shonda in the middle of a conversation. Oops!

Mike's Grandfather, Shonda and my Mom. Mike's grandparents adore Shonda.

Left to Right: Grandpa Baker, Mike's Grandfather, Shonda, my Mom, Mike, and Pat.

Oops! I think I caught her in the middle of another conversation. She's very animated.

Mike and Pat (my step-dad).

My mom and Mike's Grandmother having a conversation.

Grandma Baker and Shonda talking to Grandpa Baker.

Grandma Baker, Grandpa Baker and Shonda.

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Daddy said...

This is a great picture. I'm so proud of my little (Big)girl!