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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Little Romo

Mylan got a cute little present from Santa...a long-haired teddy bear hamster. She is gray and white. Mylan seems to really like her although they need to bond and get to know each other more. He likes to put Romo in her little run-about ball and play with her. Every morning we give her a little treat (apple slice, sunflower seeds or a vegetable). So far we have only given her apples and she seems to really like them. She will rush down and take it from your hand and then run off to eat it. She practically devours them. She is also very weird because in her cage, she has a nesting house, but she doesn't use it. She will take a bunch of bedding and food up to her wheel and build a nest there. She sleeps in it all day and then at night she will run in her ball while all the bedding a food clanks around as she is running. It's quite entertaining!

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