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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Wedding Day Story

Larry and I married August 13, 2005 in Eureka Spring AR at the Thorncrown Chapel.

The Thorncrown Chapel was beautiful! It is located in the Ozark Mountains. It is 48 feet tall with over 425 windows, over 6,000 sq feet of glass! Check out the photo gallery at: www.thorncrown.com

This is Larry and I.

This is our little family. I am a step-mom of two. Alisha and Mylan. At the time I was 25, Larry was 32, Alisha was 14, Mylan was 5.

We had help from a few family members and friends: Nathaniel (my brother)and Mike (Shonda's boyfriend) were our greeters for the guests. Rebecca (my little sis) handed out the programs and maps to the guests.
Excellent job everyone!

This is my favorite picture of the happy couple.

The Dress Hunt:
Before a girl finds the right dress there is always a few dress disasters. I knew I wanted something simple and not poofy. However, you should always try on the ones you think you may not like just in case you do like them better after all. It's not easy being a girl.

Disaster #1.

Disaster #2.

Disaster #3.

Finally, the right dress.

The Ceremony:

My dad walked me down the isle...

and gave me away.

Larry and I said our vows...

Lighted the candles...

Exchanged our rings...

and sealed it all with a kiss!

Mylan and Alisha. Alisha looked so beautiful and Mylan was a handsome gentleman!

The family:

Sue (Larry's mom), me, Larry, and Woody (Larry's step-dad).

Neva (my step-mom), me, Larry and James (my dad).

Cindy (my mom), me, Larry and Pat (my step-dad).

Cindy (my mom), me, Larry and James (my dad).

Nelda (my Grandma Baker), me, Larry and Eddie (my Grandpa Baker).

Sue (Larry's mom), me, Larry and David (Larry's dad).

Jeannette (Larry's Grandma), me, Larry and Ina (Larry's Granny).

Connie (Larry's step-mom), me, Larry and David (Larry's dad).

The Reception:
We placed a few disposable cameras on the tables for guests to take random pictures for us. These are a few of the pictures that our guests took.

Pasha (Nathaniel's girlfriend), me and Shonda (my little sis).

Rusty (Larry's Uncle and boss), Larry, and Sue (Larry's mom).

Larry is getting the garter off my leg for the garter toss. I can't remember who caught it though. I just remember being embarrassed and worried that my dress would be pulled up too far up my leg!

The couples dance. Larry and I aren't much of a dancer but we did our best.

Nathaniel(my little brother) and Pasha.

Mylan made a toast. It was very sweet!

Mylan is groovin' on the dance floor. By the end of the night he was really sweaty.

Looks like Larry was groovin' too!

Mother/son and father daughter dance.

The cutting of the cake and then the cake fight! Larry got it right up my nose! That was the most delicious cake I've ever had though! Um!

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