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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My D.A.V. Finds!!!

I just love to look around at the D.A.V, Goodwill or thrift stores when I have time. I can usually find something. Her are two on my finds from yesterday.

I found these decorative rooster/chicken plates for 95 cents each. My mother collects rooster items for her kitchen. My mother, Grandma and I like to collect decorative plates. I showed these to my Grandma and she thinks my mother would really like them. So I found these and I picked them up to save for a gift to give to my mother one day. I accidentally got two green plates though. I meant to get a red, green, yellow and blue one. I was at the D.A.V during my lunch hour so when I went back after work to get the blue one the plates were already snatched up. Oh well, I might look on-line to see about finding the blue one. The company that makes then is on the back of the plates. I also wanted to get a second set for my co-worker since she liked them so much. I could save them for our office Christmas get-together. She also has roosters in her kitchen.

This is my favorite find though! Larry's step-mom has one just like it in her bathroom and I've always admired it when I was at their house. It is an old Avon bath oil bottle. I got it for 3 bucks. It is glass. It is a turquoise, cream and white swirly color. It has a rose on both sides and the lid is a rose too.

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