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Friday, May 13, 2011

Wedding Photography

Shonda and I have been asked take some wedding photos for a friend of a friend from work. Her friend Sandy has a friend in another town who doesn't have a lot of money and needs a wedding photographer. We said just as long as her friend is completely aware that we have NEVER done this before and this is our FIRST TIME. We guarantee nothing. However, her friend has seen some photos that we've taken and said she liked them. So here we are. The wedding July 1st. It will be very informal and held at the local park. The story is that the brides fiance is in the military and on deployment right now. He will be back for a very short period of time and they want to get married before he heads out again. So they are throwing this wedding together as fast as they can.
Shonda and I always talk about one day having some sort of photography business together. Larry thought we should call it "Shutter Sisters Photography".
Wish us luck!!

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