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Friday, December 3, 2010

F-Stops Homework

I recently joined a ladies photography group at my church. We call ourselves "The F-Stops"! Cute name! At the last meeting our group leader, Cathy, gave us some homework to take photo's of what we are thankful for. This is what I have so far...


My mother-in-law Sue! I got lucky when I married Larry because Sue and I get along so well! I have a blast with Sue!

That Jesus died for me and my sins!
Isn't this great picture?

I took another picture of the three crosses together..
This one is in color but I think the black and white one is much better!
There was actually a corner of a building sticking out in the background but I was able to edit it out using photoshop! I didn't do too bad if you ask me.

My favorite picture of them all!

My job! With most of the other bigger dental offices laying off so much I feel very thankful to have my job still! I've been with Dr for going on 8 years now!

My home!

My many, many photos that I have all over the house...especially those of Mylan through the years!

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