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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The New Mr. and Mrs.

My little brother, Nathaniel, married his lovely bride, Pasha, on Oct 16th!!
Naturally I wasn't able to capture everything at the wedding by myself with it being so hectic and all. So the pictures below are all pics taken by my sister's Rebecca and Shonda... I will post the pics that I took soon.
In random order...

Here we are jammin!

Michael is a lucky man! Shonda caught my bouquet and Pasha's!

Me and my Dad!

Me, Larry and Mylan.

I loved my Michael hugs!

Michael, Stephen and Shonda...

Tasha and Pasha...Best Friends.

My beautiful little sister Rebecca.

Rebecca and Dad.

Michael the ring bearer...a big job!

Shonda caught the bouquet...again!

Introducing Shonda the candle lighter!

The groom Nathaniel my handsome little brother!

Me sneaking around with Rebecca between wedding stuff at the Scottish Rite!

Stephen my handsome little brother!

Stephen hugs for Shonda!


Having a little trouble there Nathaniel?

Oh! You found it!

Hey! That's us...Shonda, Nathaniel, Pasha and me!

My mother, me, Nathaniel, Pasha, Shonda and our Step-Dad.

Dad's little group dance with his daughters!
Shonda is tucked in there somewhere.


Me...goofing off as usual.

Bouquet toss!

Uh-oh...did my candle burn out??

Dad and Shonda.

Cake fight!!

The beautiful bride!

Shonda and Nathaniel dance!

Stephen is bored.

1st dance.

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