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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Things Kids Say

As you know, I am growing my hair back out from a very short pixie to a the long hair I had many, many years ago. This little journey hasn't been the most pleasant for me and has lead me to many bad hair days along the way. Gr! So lately I have been pinning my bangs back and letting the rest of my hair just hang down. In the car yesterday morning, both of us sitting in the front seat, Mylan kind of leans over towards me and ever so gently flicks the end of my hair and says, "I like your hair this way." Mylan is 10 years old. I have been surprised by how many compliments he's been giving me since growing my hair out. I look at him and say, "Well thank you buddy! That is nice to hear since this morning I was really missing my short hair!" He says, "Really?! I don't want you to cut your hair short again because I really like it long better." Then he says, "My teacher always wears two clips on both sides of her head and poofs her hair out on the sides. I don't like it because it makes her look like an alien." It is at that point that I burst out laughing!! How adorable is that?!! He smiles and I say, "Oh my god! Your teacher would just die if she knew you thought that, wouldn't she?" He laughs and says, "Yeah!"
Little does Mylan know...
He made my day!!

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