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Monday, September 13, 2010

Prom Night

How do you know that your had a great prom night?
Well let me tell you....
If you wake up the next morning with your body sore all over from dancing too much and a bruised toe because it got stepped on too many times while dancing barefoot, your dress gets ripped, your necklace gets ruined and you wake up the next morning with your hair and makeup almost exactly the way it was the night before because you were too tired to even bother with a shower at 2am...that's a great prom night! So you're probably asking your self why a 30 and 37 year old is going to prom?? You see, some friends of ours, Kim and Brent, both turned 40 so they had an 80's Prom themed birthday party! There was too much food, a bonfire, a keg, spiked punch, disco lights and a DJ! It was soooo much fun! I was so embarrassed in my outfit but by the time everyone got there and the fun began I totally forgot about my embarrassment. I admit that my costume wasn't the greatest but I did my best and had a blast so that's all that really matters. Another woman ended up wearing the same dress I did. I am unable to post any other pics besides the one of Larry and I because my friends have requested that I don't. I did have an album on my fb page but had to delete it due to requests from my friends that I not post their pics. So here is the hideously embarrassing pic of me and Larry....it's okay you can admit it, I have....

Personally I thought my hair looked better in person but still pretty ugly. I tried to get my bangs to stick straight up and over to the side but it didn't exactly workout in my favor. Oh well. Our friends took actual prom pics in front of a lake with a little water fall...they were going for cheesy! They plan to put borders around them and then mail them to everyone so I will most likely replace this pic with that one once I get it because I am sure it is much better then this pic.
The only good thing about this picture is that my family and friends know that I don't really look like this on a daily basis.

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