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Sunday, August 1, 2010

NBC World Series

Last weekend was our last weekend of baseball season for Mylan. It was the NBC World Series tournament in Topeka. Here are all the pics that I took in no particular order.

Mylan in the hot tub at the hotel.

It's raining...It's pouring!

Tres and his creepy dolls.

Mylan hurt his shoulder. He toughed it out though.

The coaches.

Team lunch at The Blind Tiger Brewery.


Mylan sleeping on the way to Topeka.

Rylan and her beautiful brown eyes.

Silly Jamie!

Jackson acting like a tough guy.


Sara with her rally rag.

Waiting out the rain.

Pool chairs.

Oh my! Don't even ask!

Dalton, Mylan and Grayson.

Mylan going up to bat.

Mylan at 2nd.

Mylan leading of 1st.

Mylan at catch.

Mylan batting.

Mylan and Kyler at the hotel pool.

A player got hurt so Mylan is waiting it out.

The spectators aka Parents.


Larry and Mylan.

Larry and Juan talking.

Jason and his SPF.


Isaac at catch.

Jackson runs for 2nd.

Jackson at bat.

Isaac and Jackson.

Mylan and Larry wresting at the hotel.

The hotel pool.

Rylan hitches a ride on Dad's cooler.

Mylan at 1st.

Grayson at 3rd.


Mylan bats.

The boys playing on the turf.

Karon and Jamie.


Juan's tan lines! LOL!


Dugout bench.


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