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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Five Years

Yesterday, August 13th, was our five year wedding anniversary! Larry and I have been married a total of five years and November 9th (2001 was our 1st date) Larry and I will have been together a total of nine years! Wow! Five years doesn't seem like a long time but nine years does. Nine years of getting to know someone, learning their quirks/bad habits/gross habits/annoying/funny habits/embarrassing habits, learning their temperament/likes/dislikes/loves/hates. It's pretty intense when you really think about it.

This is us in 2001. Wow! Seems so long ago! I was 21 and Larry was 27.

And...August 2005!

So for our five year anniversary Larry got me a set of golf clubs because I'd been expressing some interest is learning to play and I got him a pair of sunglasses that he'd been wanting. I've been taking golf lessons and loving it! Yesterday Larry I took the day off work to go golfing together! It was both fun and frustrating. He took me to a par 3 course and we rented a cart since it was my first time on a golf course. Larry knew I'd be kind of slow but also wanted me to have a good time so renting a cart sped it up a bit.

Naturally Larry kicked my butt! Oh but don't worry! His day will come when I am able to kick his butt at golf!

Happy Anniversary Larry!!

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