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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Painting Fun

This week Pasha and I helped Shonda and Michael do some painting in their bedroom. A while back we removed the old wallpaper. Then Michael and his friend Karl added a wall in their room. We've been calling it the "Friendship Wall"! Cute huh?! Here are some pics from this weeks painting.

In the Hallway Shonda did the sanding.
Michael was helping too until he began to feel ill from being in the heat all day at work.

Pasha is all ready to prime (Monday).

Here is Pasha getting started on the painting (Tuesday).

Pasha (our soon to be sister-in-law!), me and Shonda.

Group Shot!
Me, Pasha, Shonda, Michael and Karl.

Aw, isn't that sweet! It's Michael and Karl's "Friendship Wall"!

I have no idea what they were doing here.
Sometimes it's best not to ask.

I, being to goof that I am, couldn't help but to do a little goofing around so I put my hands in primer and made a little art of my own! Ha, ha! Art on Shonda's rear! Hey! You can't be serious all the time!

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