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Monday, July 12, 2010

Angels in Disguse

Today was just a normal Monday for me until approximately 6:40pm. Three days a week I go exercising with my sister, Shonda, and my soon to be sister-in-law, Pasha, at the local park. Sometimes Pasha's mom, Val, joins us and today was one of those days. At the local park is a small lake with lots of ducks and geese.

So we were doing our normal exercise routine. As we were walking around the lake we come across a duck that looks a bit odd. As we walk closer to it we notice that it's leg looks broken. Upon further inspection we realize that it's head is bleeding (almost like a skinned knee would looked) and underneath it's wings it looked even worse. It looked as if it had been drug on the cement and a bunch of it's feathers where plucked out. It didn't look good. At first we thought to leave it and let nature take it's course. As we started to walk away a big black duck comes over to the injured duck and start biting it's feathers off. That jerk! So I decided that I couldn't just leave it there to suffer and tell the girls. So we stand there discussing what we could do for it.

The plan: Me and Pasha were going to sit with it while Val and Shonda hurried to the car to get a cell phone and call animal control.

Before the girls could head to the car a man pulled up and I asked if he had a cell phone. No such luck. Then this lady feeding the ducks with her kids hollers that she has a cell phone. God bless her! She calls animal control. They're closed. So she calls the police station and they give her some other numbers to call. Every place she called was closed. Me being a big emotional softie begins to cry saying that we can't just leave the poor thing laying there to suffer as we walk away. In the mean time Shonda, being the wonderful nurse that she is, manages to get the duck to drink some water from the lid of her water bottle and the man with no cell phone offers up some bread which the duck eats willingly. God bless Shonda and the man with no cell phone! The woman who was on the phone trying to find anyone to help this poor duck starts to explain to us that she spoke to her mother on the phone and that her mother raises ducks on her farm in Oklahoma and has agreed to met the woman half way and get the duck to nurse it back to health. God bless the woman with the cell phone and her mother in Oklahoma!

Just as this is all going on a woman, God's special angel in disguise...a Super Hero, pulls up as if she some how knew what was going on. She climbs out of her truck ( a small rough looking elderly woman) and marches right over to us and takes one look at the duck and says, "This is a new duck! It's not from here!" We explain what has been going on. I am still sobbing quietly like a baby. The elderly woman says, "I come to this park every day to feed the ducks and I have never met this duck before. It isn't from here." She looks closer at it, presses on it's tiny skull a little bit to see if it's broken, lifts it's wing and picks it up as if holding ducks is an everyday event for her. Then she tells us, "It's not as bad as it looks. He's just been drug under a car or something. Someone must have dropped him off here after they hit him hoping he'd find help from someone. I've raised ducks for 25 years. I can splint his leg and I have ointment that will helps his missing feathers." We thanked her about a million times as she walked away. I don't even think the woman looked at our faces. It was like she only had eyes for that duck. Then she quickly walks off to her truck and puts the duck inside and leaves. God bless that woman! I felt so much better. Still being a big softie I had to cry a few tears of relief. I felt better knowing that the duck was in caring hands. That woman was a true angel!

Thank you Shonda, Pasha and Val for putting up with big ol' blubbering me while I fretted over this wild duck and trying to make me feel better! You guys are so sweet!

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