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Monday, April 5, 2010

Why You Act The Way You DO

Sometimes when I need a change of pace in the murder mystery books I like to read I just walk the library and scan the book titles til I find one I think looks interesting to read. Today I picked up: Why You Act The Way You Do by, Tim LaHaye. If you haven't already guessed, it's about psychology. I just love psychology! It's always interesting. This book talks about people's different types of temperaments. Chapter One: Temperament Influences Everything You Do. That is so true. It goes on to talk about the different types of temperaments in different situations. I found some of mine to quite funny! Those of you who really know me will find it funny too!

Eating Habits:
I am a Sanguine: I eat everything in sight. (If I'm not careful it'll start to show too!)
Driving Skills:
I am a Sanguine: I am a erratic driver...sometimes speed then for no apparent reason drive slower. (Larry! Keep all comments to yourself!)
I am a Choleric: Like most men...I am not fond of shopping. I prefer to go to the store to get what I need, purchase it and get the heck out of there.
Yard Work:
I am a Choleric: I hate yard work but if I must do it I do it with a vengeance. I get it done and get out.
Study Habits: (This one really cracked me and Larry up!)
I am a cross between a Choleric and a Sanguine:
Choleric...I am clever but not brilliant. I am not a good speller and mostly skim over things. I have a curious mind and I want to know the "why's" of things. I love charts, graphs and diagrams. I want to know how everything fits into the whole scheme of things but I have a hard time concentrating.
Sanguine...I am not usually a good student unless really motivated to be. I have a short attention span. I am restless and easily distracted by simple things such as a bird flying by or a picture on the wall. (That part really cracked us up because it's so true! Sad but true.)
Communication Skills:
I am a Sanguine because I am overly expressive.

Hmm...in Chapter Two I have to take a Temperament Test. I wonder how accurate that will be?

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