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Sunday, April 18, 2010

DBA Championship

This weekend was the DBA Tournament.
The Jaguars ended up winning the DBA Championship with a score of 3-2!!!
It was such a tense game but a good one!
Here is this weekends pics in no particular order.

Conner wants to be a baseball player just like his big brother Brett.
A little team pow-wow at the pitchers mound.
Mylan is in the catchers gear #4.

Ryland is Jackson's little sister and number one fan!

Issac at 3rd.

Grayson pitching.

Grayson at pitch.


Mylan and Jackson.

Mylan at bat.

Mylan in RF.

Mylan poses with the team trophy for winning the DBA Championship.

Mylan poses with his trophy for his team winning the DBA Championship.

Number one team photo.

Silly team photo.

Team photo.

The boys tipped their hats to the parents.

Mylan's trophy.

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Brian said...

Photos look great