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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Augusta Baseball Tourney: Sunday April 25th

What is it with boys and gross things?
Every time we play in Augusta the boys are obsessed with messing with crawdads in the creek between games. At one point today, they all came tramping together like a pack of wild dogs with a dead squirrel on the end of a stick to show all the parents. Too bad I didn't have my camera available then because it would've been a funny sight to see!

Jackson and Grayson with a crawdad

Good grief!

Don't ask...

Brett sitting under the bridge

James pokes the crawdads with a stick

Mylan sitting under the bridge

Mylan walking under the bridge with a bid stick in hand


James with his rally cap on

Ryland's dirty face

Ryland models for the camera

It was a long weekend in Augusta...

Even Larry took a little snooze on the drive back home!
Just kidding!

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