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Sunday, February 28, 2010


My sister-in-law, Darla, decided to surprise my mother-in-law, Sue for her 60th birthday. Darla planned this whole thing from Houston, TX. The party theme was Las Vegas Casino Night since that is one of Sue's favorite things to do and she loves Elvis! Sue was in shock to see that Darla traveled here to surprise her! In the end it all came together quite nicely with the help of many people especially with the help of my step-father-in-law, Woody!! I took a ton of pictures at the party so I am only posting the best ones. Here they are in random order:


Mylan wearing Grandpa Woody's "High Roller" vest

Sassy and Jason

Sassy with beautiful JayLynn

Sissy and Mylan

Woody dances with his Birthday Babe!!

The Allens

Larry waits for the guests to arrive

Mylan does the Twist with his Grandma Sue...he made her day!

Mother and Son dance

Me with Grandma J

Grandma J with Darla, Cara and Darci

The centerpieces that my creative mother helped me make

Sis and Brother dance

Brenda (an uninvited guest...long story) and her boyfriend

Sue and her "Tickled to be the Birthday Babe!" wine glass

Alisha and Ethan

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