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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mylan's Laser Quest Party

Today was Mylan's 10th birthday party at Laser Quest. It was a blast!! I told Larry that I want to have my birthday parties at Laser Quest from now on! It was so much fun! If you haven't played Laser Quest before...you need to try it. I made a few friends while I was there..."Darth Maul" and Darth Vader"! That was their code names anyway. Their real names were Andrew and Alex. They were two little boys ages 7 and 8 who decided to be my body guards for some unknown reason. Funny huh! Andrew found me in the game room being attacked by laser and said, "Follow me! I'll guard you!" So we kind of became a team. I'm tell you, it was so much fun in there being a big kid with those two running around and yelling "RETREAT! RETREAT!" Here are the best shots I took from Mylan's party.

This is Mylan's cake. His mom, Becky, worked very hard on it and did a great job!

This is Larry and The Werbins.

This is the Werbins son, James. He's a great kid!

Here are the boys goofing off for the camera...silly boys!

That's Stephen...

Mylan seems to be enjoying his cake very much!

Mylan's Grandma (Becky's mom) gave him a cool camera!

That's her.

Blow out those candles Mylan!

By the end of the party it was total chaos as you can see...Sigh...we survived!

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