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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Larry...Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

Oh Larry what will we do with you?
About two weeks ago Mylan was grounded for the weekend for getting some tallies in school (that's a no-no) so I had him help me go through his clothes to weed out the outgrown clothes from the clothes that still fit. While I had Mylan hostage I had him go through his toy box to get rid of toys he no longer wanted. We do this about once a year so he typically doesn't have much that needs to be gotten rid of. While Mylan and I were busy doing this, two girls from his school came to the house to see if he could come outside to play. So what did Larry tell the girls? He told them that Mylan couldn't play because he was upstairs helping his step-mom go through his toys and clothes. Apparently that's a BIG no-no for a 9 year old boy! I am learning that as a step-mother I exist minimally outside of the house. I am not to kiss or hug him outside of the house. I am not to say "I love you" in front of his friends. Should I pick him up from school it is preferred that I do not speak to his friends. Mom is not cool and step-mom is not cool. Dad is cool. Of course there are many other boundaries and I am sure they will change many times over the course of Mylan's life. Do I follow these rules? Heck no! Okay, I don't purposely try to embarrass him but I am his step-mother after all and I have to live up to my step-mothering potential which means that I will be sure that I get plenty of hugs and kisses whenever I need them and I will tell him I love him. If a friend happens to witness any of this...oops. Needless to say that Mylan was not happy with Larry for this little embarrassment but Larry earned his cool points back and they made up as father and son do in these minor situations...wrestled and tickled around until Mylan was laughing too hard to be mad anymore. Later, the girls came to the door again and this time Mylan answered and made sure the girls knew that the reason he couldn't come outside was because he was grounded. However, today I found out that he has been being made fun of at school by a few friends (nothing serious) because he was helping his "step-mommy go through his toys and clothes". Poor little guy. I'm not worried though. I know that I still rank up there on his "coolness meter" because every time I see Mylan I always get plenty of hugs and kisses without having to ask for them!

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