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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The YMCA Bathroom

Mylan's games are held at the local YMCA. In their bathroom they have an automatic toilet flusher. I HATE the stupid automatic toilet flusher! Ahhh! I understand the purpose in them but it kind of defeats the purpose if the stupid thing flushes on me while I am still sitting there doing my business. Not to mention how gross it is to have my butt splashed with the nasty toilet water. Sick! Also, what is the point in the automatic flush if it doesn't even flush when I am actually done doing my business and I have to reach down and touch that nasty little button in order for it to flush. Whatever happened to the old flush handles where I could just use my foot to flush it and still leave with my butt toilet water free? And someone please tell me what is that smell in the bathroom? It smells like a sour drain or something. Good grief! It's a brand new facility so you'd think it wouldn't have acquired that "bathroom" smell yet. Where is the janitor? I know the janitor has had to of smelt it by now. Heck, give me some Pine Sol and Bleach and I'll take care of it! Phew.

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