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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Learning from Our Kids...

We can learn a lot of kids. If you have kids, work with or have ever worked with younger children then you know what I am talking about. Kids are very observant little creatures. They are like sponges. They soak in everything they hear and see. Some times they pick up on things that would shock you, crack you up or just amaze you.
So at the dinner table Friday night Mylan tells us that he is going to take five dollars from his wallet and give it to his basketball coach for the Haiti donation. At their last practice his coach (his coach is also a family practice doctor) spoke to the boys about the issues in Haiti. He explained to them that there is much more to life than just sports and their own little worlds. Saturday night Mylan also announced that he wanted to give five dollars to the offering at church. Larry and I were so impressed. Mylan has always been a very giving child. I am so proud of that!

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