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Monday, January 18, 2010

Hospital Gowns and Old Man Butts

Last night Larry and I went to the hospital to visit his Grandma J. After I got off of work I came straight home to pick up Larry and we drove to the hospital together. So since I had just gotten off work I decided to just wear my scrubs and not worry about changing clothes. Once we got to the hospital Larry looked at me, laughed and said, "People are going to think you work there and put you to work." I told him that I disagreed because all of the hospital staff wear light blue and I was wearing brown. So we found Grandma's room and visited for a bit. Then I decided to find the restroom. I stepped out and head down the hall to the restroom. Just as I am about to turn a corner and elderly gentleman steps out of his room in his hospital gown and says, "Excuse me?" I stop and look behind me and he says, "Excuse me?" I point to myself as in questioning if he is talking to me. He nods and asks, "Can I please have some chocolate ice cream?" So I stand there kind of dumbfounded and thinking, "Well crap! I was just going to the restroom!" Now I had to decide how to handle this. I didn't think he'd understand or care for me to explain that I am not hospital staff and that I work in a dental office. So I said, "Okay, let me find someone to get that for you Sir." He seemed satisfied and I ran off to find someone. At the desk I found Aubry a girl that went to our old church. We were surprised to see each other and I explained. She laughed and asked what room he was in. I told her that I had no idea because I was so flustered by his question that I just ran off to get someone. So I walked her to the room and she took care of it. Later, before we left the hospital Larry and I were saying hello/goodbye to Aubry and the elderly man came out into the hallway to inform her that he was going to walk down the hallway. Just as he turned to walk down the hallway...there it was...WRINKLED OLD MAN BUTT! Ha,ha,ha! It was hilarious! He just walked on down the hall like he hadn't a care in the world!

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