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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hair Progress

I am trying for the third or fourth time to grow out my hair. I've lost count. It was really short. Larry loved it short and so did I. However, I am tired of short and I need a change. It's not easy to be feminine with short hair. Plus it's a lot of upkeep with routine visits to the salon. To be feminine with short hair your whole look counts on what clothes, makeup and accessories you wear. I am not a very fashionable female. I typically don't wear make up and I love my ball caps, jeans, tee-shirts and hoodies. That's me, take it or leave it. So I wanted a change and decided to grow my hair out. I've had short hair for a number of years now and I'm tired of it. This is the state of my hair now. It looks a bit like a messy mop of hair. With short hair it was easy to spike it or slick it and go. With long hair it is easy to pull it into a ponytail, some kind of up-do, just leave it down or curl it. Lots of choices with long hair. Right now, I can't seem to figure out anything to do with it besides brush it and leave it be. Like I said, It's a mop. That's just part of the pains of growing out your hair though. Luckily I made it past the hard stage of growing it out...when it touches my ears. Ick! I hated that. Now it's long enough to tuck it. So how long do I plan to grow it? I want to let it grow to about my shoulder blades. Long! I want it in layers and I want my bangs long and sweeping to one side. In the past I wasn't very good at dealing with my long hair but I'll do better this time.

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