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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Mylan has been grounded all weekend because he got two tallies at school this week. He wasn't allowed to go to the Thunder Hockey game on Friday and he has not be allowed to watch tv or play XBox all weekend long. For a 9 year old boy that makes for a looooong weekend. So he has had to use his imagination a bit more than usual. He made the back room into a hockey arena which he has named the "Baker Arena Home of the 2010 Baker Hockey Nationals". He placed two gold pillows on the floor on one end of the room and two red pillows on the floor on the other end of the room to make up the goals. Mylan named his team the Wildcats and I named my team the Cupcakes. We've played several games today, the first to 15 points wins. We've had a lot of fun! Since I won the last game Larry plays me tonight for the championship. Here is the scoreboard that Mylan drew for tonight's game. Larry's team is the "Destroyers" and my team in the "Cupcakes". Wish me luck!!

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