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Friday, January 15, 2010


My new temporary license photo! My glasses are crooked...ops! Lol!

My old license photo. Yuck! I really hate this picture and my hair is lopsided or something. Weird!

Today I had to go to the local DMV to renew my drivers license. Oh what fun! NOT! I was surprised that I was only there an hour and a half. While I was standing in line I chatted a little with the woman behind me. She was hilarious! It was just her personality really not anything in particular that she said. Of course I did a little people watching too. Standing towards the back on the line was a man who kind of gave me the creeps. He reminded me of a serial killer from one the crime tv shows I like to watch sometimes. I also noticed that he wouldn't look anyone in the eye. Strange. It's always bothered me when people can't look anyone in the eye. Especially if I am talking to them. There was also this man in blue jeans and a scrub shirt like doctors wear. The man kept arguing with the DMV lady while she was telling him that she can't issue him a license without the proper paper work. Now come on people! It says right there in plain sight on the paper that you get in the mail exactly what you need to bring with you in order to get your license renewed! Good grief! I also watched the DMV employees for awhile and I realized they all need depression meds and a class on how to personable or something. I know the job may be boring and tedious but in my opinion a person could make the job more fun by having a little personality! Wow! They'd really hate me if I worked there! I'm loud and obnoxious. The more depressed a person acts and the less they talk to me the more bubbly I want to be. Annoying right? I also realized how fast my germaphobic quirks could easily take over my life if I let them.
While standing in line I noticed that I was going to have to put my forehead against the eye testing machine and before I got called up for my turn I was trying to figure out how I was going to get around having to do that. Once I was there I realized that I couldn't because in order for the eye testing machine to work I had to press against it with my forehead in order for it to actually work. Sigh. The DMV lady told me to remove the top piece of paper from the pad on the head rest so that I could have a clean one. I thought, "You want me to touch that?!" I had no choice. I mean, I could refuse and ask her to do it but that seemed ridiculous to me. So I did it. Then before I placed my forehead against the rest I noticed that someone had greasy forehead juice on the plastic around it! Ahhhh! Nasty! I was brave though and I did it. Gross! Then when it came time to have my picture taken I had to sign this electronic pad and before I picked up the pen I thought, "Oh my gosh! EVERYONE has touched this pen! I wish I could wipe it off but then I'd be a complete freak!" Grrrr! I was brave once again. I signed it using that nasty pen. One my way out I immediately got out my hand sanitizer. While I was putting on my hand sanitizer I thought, "I am so pathetic! I still have to touch my purse with my nasty germ infested DMV fingers in order to get to my hand sanitizer! Ahhh! There is no winning here. I'm going crazy!"

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