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Monday, September 28, 2009

Promise of kisses anytime I choose!

My boys LOVE fresh baked anything! Mostly brownies or cookies! So this weekend Mylan asked if I would make brownies. I told him, "Well I don't know Buddy, I do have a pretty full schedule." I was only kidding because I didn't have a full schedule and he knew that. So he ended up making me a pretty good deal! He told me that anytime from now on if I make cookies or brownies that I can get kisses from him anytime I want! Of course I said right away, "Deal!!" Here is the rules:
I can only get kisses at home so that he doesn't get embarrassed by any of his friends seeing.
If I bake on a week day I can only get kisses that day and the following morning.
If I bake on a weekend, I can get kisses the entire weekend.
So of course I plan to do all my baking on the weekend. I can get more kisses that way!

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