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Friday, August 21, 2009

Listening Ears

When I taught Sunday school and my kids weren't listening I would just close my mouth and stand there and stare at them. I wasn't about to try to talk over them. It was always entertaining to me (although I had to giggle inside so they didn't see my amusement) to watch their faces once they've noticed that I had stopped teaching and was just standing there with my arms folded and starring at them. Some of them would say, "Shhhh! Ms. Ashlyne isn't happy." Others would say, "Shhhh or bossy teacher will come out." Bossy teacher was some sort of nickname that the kids or some of the adults in the church would call me...I was the 'no-nonsense teahcer'. I had to be otherwise my class would have me duct taped tot he ceiling! So when the kids weren't listening I would ask them if they had their listing ears on, then tell them to reach into their pockets and pull out those listening ears and put them on. All of the kids would reach deep into their pockets (including me), pull out their imaginary listening ears and put them on. Once that was done they were ready to listen...most of the time.

When Mylan was younger I would do this with him at home too when he wasn't listening. Now that he is getting older it isn't quite as effective. So that's the challenge these days...listening and following directions. Oh the joys of parenthood! Now let me first say that as a step-mother I am very, very lucky because I have got the worlds best step-son! Generally he listens very well and does what he is told no questions asked. However, being that mother nature requires our children to grow up and go through all those normal growing pains he has reached that age to where he wants to do things his way and in his time. *Sigh* So that's my current challenge, trying to get Mylan to do as he is told when he is told. It always seems to me that when we are in a hurry that his listening ears shut down on me. *Sigh* However, most of the time if I just stop and take a breathe and explain to him the reasons behind what I am asking of him, he will comply. Hey, I can't fault the kid for being a kid! Gotta love him!

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