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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Quick Lube Liar!

Oh I am sooooo mad right now that I can't see straight! I went to the Quick Lube in town to get my oil changed. Usually Larry does it for me at home. So I pull into the local Quick Lube, get out of my car and the first thing I ask is "How much will an oil change be?" The guy said something like $35 or $37. Plus I had a $3 off coupon to use. I thought, 'Okay I can do that. That is comparable to Wal-Mart'. So I tell him that my husband wants 10W 40 Quaker State Full Synthetic oil only. The guy says that I should go with 10W 30 instead. I say "ok". So 15 mins later they're finished with my car and I go to the counter to pay. I hand them my $3 off coupon and they tell me what my charge is...$61 dollars! $61 dollars! I said, "The guy told me it would $35-$37." Then the guy who told me that price walks up. I repeat this to him and he said, "Well you wanted full synthetic." I said, "I know I told you I wanted full synthetic and you told me the oil change would be $35-$37. If I had know you would charge me this ridiculous price I NEVER would have come here." I ended up paying $61. Nobody told me they were sorry/wrong or offered anything to try to make me happy. Nothing. Where was the customer service here?! I informed them that I would never come back to their shop again. Oh I am soooo mad. I feel cheated, lied too and taken advantage of! I am so mad that I am shaking. Larry and I will be going back to the shop to speak to a manager. Oh I am so mad!

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