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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Climbing with Shonda and Michael

Shonda and Michaela re members of the Kansas Cliff Club...rock climbing. Mylan and I join them sometimes for a little fun. This time was special because I went higher than I've ever gone before! I was so scared that I was shaking. Everyone would keep saying, "Go higher!" I'd say, "When I stop shaking I'll move!" Mylan even said that he was impressed because he didn't think I would do it. I am so afraid of heights. However, at the end of the day I was beat out by a 6 yr old, Isabelle. Isabelle was fearless. She just bounces up that wall like a little monkey. I am determined to one day climb the entire wall (85 feet).

This is where I froze and couldn't go any further. Isabelle beat me by one more step. I need to over come the fear of looking down. If I could just do that than I could look to see where my next step is rather than feeling my way around. I climb flat against the wall. Experienced climbers just scramble up the wall with no fear. It's crazy!

My scrape I got climbing the wall. I had no idea that I did that till I was safe on the ground. Michael caught me as I got closer to the ground. I was so scared and thrilled that I did it and that I was on the ground again that I hugged him and laughed my butt off!

Glad to be on the ground after trying a wall in the Dungeon.

Silly Mylan!

Just hanging around.

Great job Mylan!

Silly Sisters!

This is 7 yr old Isabelle beating me on the wall! Go Isabelle!

Michael, Isabelle (Michael's God Daughter) and Shonda.

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