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Monday, June 22, 2009

Omaha: KC Speedway

Okay so on our way home from Omaha we decided at the last minute to go to Kansas City to eat at Gates Barbecue. We got a little lost and ended up at Arthur Bryant to eat. As we were leaving we saw the Kansas City Speedway. Mylan is a big race fan, although Larry and I aren't. We decided to drive a little closer so that Mylan could see the tracks better. As we were going to leave a security guard waved us down and told us that we were aloud to go in. We simply had to sign a waver. That was great! Mylan was so excited! Once we got in there we were told that they were doing driving lessons that day and that later in the day they were offering ride alongs. So for a pretty penny we got Mylan a chance to do a ride along. It is a once in a life time opportunity for Mylan to have some great memories so Larry and I decided to do it. Mylan got to do 6 laps around the track at 180mph. They also had another car on the tracks to do the close turns and drafting along side the car that Mylan was riding in. The race car people thought Mylan was pretty cool being a 9 yr old and getting to do a ride along and they even got him a "special" Gatorade out of their own cooler for Mylan to drink after the ride. Talk about cool! Mylan was scared and excited at first but in the end he had a blast! Mylan was worried that I wouldn't get enough pictures so he instructed me what he wanted pictures of.
A few of the pictures are blurry because I had some camera issues.

The helmet was a tight fit so it was a little hard to smile.

After his laps around the track.

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