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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Omaha: At the hotel

The boys hanging out in our room watching the College World Series on tv and occasionally wrestling. Boys...
(Sorry that it's a little blurry. I had a little camera trouble. Time to invest in a better camera.)

Colsen (sp?), Jackson and Mylan in the elevator.

One night the whole team got together and grilled out. On the left in the yellow is Brian (we call him the team Doctor) Coach Bobby is in the white and Shane is in the black. We had a good time. The dad's grilled, the boys played "wall ball" and the mom's hung out and talked.

Here is Angee and Eric with their kids.

Mylan chilling out eating a hot dog.

Gina enjoying a beer and some crackers.

Some of the mom's and a dad. Left to right: Ruby, Heather, Heather's daughter, Jaime, Karen, Amy and Lisa.

Larry, Jason, Colsen(sp?), Kyle and Mylan getting the mini grill out to do a little cooking.

The boys hanging out while Larry and Jason cook out.

During the rain delay Mylan zonked out in the hotel room.

One night Dr. Brian sent out a text that read "Code Blue in the hallway". So while the kids were asleep a few of the parents met in the hallway to chill out for a bit. Nice pj's Jason!

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