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Monday, June 29, 2009

Huge Sale

Sometime this summer Mylan and his mom, Becky, are taking a vacation to Chicago. Becky has some friends who live there. During the day while we are all at work, Mylan goes to the babysitter who lives directly across the street from Becky's house. Just so happens to be Mylan's best friends Grandmother. Today on Larry's way home he received a phone call from Becky telling him that she is still at work but discovered that Mylan was in the front yard with a hand made sign that read "Huge Sale". So Larry drove by her house to check it out and see what Mylan was up to. Larry drove up to find Mylan in the front yard with the sign and a few small toys, baseball, Nascar, and basketball cards scattered on the front porch. As it turned out he was trying to sell some toys to make some money to spend on his trip to Chicago. As Larry arrived he'd discovered that Mylan had already sold a few of his beloved baseball cards for something like $2. So Larry asked Mylan how much he wanted for his baseball cards. Mylan said, "$25!" Larry said, "I'll give you $10." Mylan said, "OK! There all mixed up though so you'll have to pick out all the baseball cards Daddy." Larry said, "I'll give you $12 for all for them." Mylan was thrilled with that and agreed. Mylan loves his baseball cards and other sports cards so Larry knew that Mylan wasn't thrilled to sell them. Mylan most likely thought Larry was buying them for his own personal collection because as Larry left he said, "I'll have these waiting for you when you get home Buddy." Mylan was thankful and said, "Oh thank you Daddy!"

Although, if I were in Becky's shoes I wouldn't be too thrilled to find my child in the front yard when I got home trying to sell his toys and cards to make money for a family trip. However, you do have to admit it is pretty darn cute! I just wished I had a picture of it.

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