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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

American Home Shield

Larry and I moved into our house July of 2005. Our house was built around 1970. It has the original A/C unit. So when we moved into out house Larry's sister told us about American Home Shield. Although his sister lives in a newer house than ours she has found AHS very useful. Some might view it differently but it has certainly come in handy for us. We originally got it because we didn't want to be stranded should the A/C unit go out on us. That darn thing just won't die. However, we have still gotten our worth out of AHS every year.

A/C has been worked on twice now. Die stupid A/C! Just give up already!

Dishwasher is bout to be worked on for the third time.

The stove has been worked on once.

The washer has been worked on once and the dryer is about to be worked on come Friday.

We've also had tree roots removed that caused a gross backup in our basement.

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