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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Laundry Room

The laundry room is the most organized room in our house!

I saw this cute idea in a magazine. Everyone has those "lost socks" that they just can't seem to find a mate for. So this is a cute little idea of keeping track of those "lost socks" until their mate is found.

I always have a pile of socks that need to be put away. Between me, Larry and Mylan there is a lot of socks that get piled up in a basket. I really don't like sorting socks and undies. So to make my job easier I made up three baskets each with a tag labeled with our names. As I am pairing up the socks I throw each persons belonging into their basket and simply dump the basket into their drawer. I also have a "lost and found" basket where I place items found in pockets. Everyone knows to look there for those items.

I keep all of my laundry room necessities in a little basket: starch, Lysol disinfectant, mesh bags for delicates, scissors, hand lotion, small trash bags for my dryer lint bucket.

I have a small make shift rack to hang all of scrub uniforms and my BBW uniform.

Another much larger make shift rack for other clothing. I really don't like to have fold and then drag the folded items upstairs only to be unfolded and hung up. So I have found it easier to hang things up as I pull them from the dryer. If clothing doesn't make it to the appropriate closet right away at least they will be wrinkle free until they do so.

This is currently how my make shift clothing rack is rigged up. It was here when we moved into the house. I plan to go to Lowes one of these days to buy a much stronger bar, a chain and attachments to hang the rack up with. This current rack often falls if I move it the wrong way.

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