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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mylan's 1st Leprechaun Trap 2006

Every Year, at Mylan's school, the kids make a leprechaun trap and place then in various places around the school. The kids are always close to catching a Leprechaun but have never been lucky enough. The Leprechaun always leave behind green "Leprechaun dust".

So this weekend while Mylan and I were shopping at Wal-Mart, Mylan decides that he needs some supplies to build a new and improved Leprechaun trap. So we head to the craft section. His supplies include: a small board, markers, VERY STICKY tape, glitter glue pens, a few pennies and a small cup. When we get home Mylan goes right to work on his new idea. Mylan glues the small cup to the board to pose as a pot for his gold. He then paints the pennies with his gold glitter glue pen. He intends to fool the Leprechaun into thinking it is his pot of gold! Mylan then draws a path to the pot of gold and a few bits of grass around the path. Then the last thing he does is place the VERY STICKY tape upside down around the pot of gold in order to trap the Leprechaun! After all the hard work is done, Mylan and I head outside to front yard and choose a very sneaky place to put the trap. Once in place we strategically place some leaves and sticks around the trap for disguise. Now all we have to do is wait! Throughout the course of the night, until bedtime, we would check on his trap to see if he caught anything. No such luck! However, in the morning, the first thing we did was put on our robes and go outside to see if we had any luck. We did! We saw Leprechaun foot prints! The Leprechaun even got stuck on the tape and somehow got away! Mylan came so close to catching a Leprechaun!

He was soooooo excited! He has told everyone how he almost caught a Leprechaun!

TOP SECRET NOTE TO PARENTS! In order to fool your 'special little someone' into thinking they have almost caught a Leprechaun you must be VERY, VERY, VERY SNEAKY! I secretly took one of Mylan's wrestling guy's from his toy box. Later, after he was sound asleep (You MUST make sure they are sound asleep...I mean this is their childhood memories are are talking about here!) I then got a small cup of dirt and mixed it into mud. Then I quietly went into the front yard and used the wrestling doll to make little "Leprechaun footprints" along the path leading to the pot of gold! I even placed it on the board and messed up some of the leaves around the trap.

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