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Friday, January 16, 2009


In February my co-worker (Kelli) and I will be going to Manhattan, KS to volunteer our services for KMOM. I will be Dental Assisting and she will be doing Administration stuff. KMOM stands for Kansas Mission of Mercy. KMOM is a big event where $1 million dollars of free dental/medical services are provided for those who can not normally afford it. Dental fillings, pulling teeth and dental cleanings. People line up very early for this event and many people travel just to be there to receive these services. It will start as early as 5:30am so it makes for a very long day for everyone involved-patients and staff. Kelli and I will only be doing it for 6 hours on one day and then heading back home. We are both excited to be apart of the experience though. You can check out their website, blog and view pics and videos at:

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