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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Date night

Tonight I went on the best date I have ever had...sorry Larry but you've been out done. I went on a date with my step-son, Mylan. For Christmas he gave me a date night (a gift card to a local restaurant and to a local movie theater). We had a great time. We decided to see "Hotel for Dogs". So we went for the 3:30pm showing and then planned to have dinner afterward. Turned out that the 3:30pm showing was sold out when we got there so we got our tickets for the 6:20pm showing and decided to have dinner a little earlier than planned. Once at the restaurant we sat in the bar area, as requested by Mylan, because he wanted to watch the basketball game. We got cheese sticks for an appetizer and burgers for dinner. Mylan decided he was too old for the kids menu anymore so he ordered off the big boys menu. He wouldn't even touch the kids menu and crayons to play the games on it with me. After we ate we had time to waste until the movie so we played a few games in the arcade at the theater and a few rounds of air hockey. Mylan and I get a little loud and competitive when we play air hockey (we have a miniature air hockey table at home) so we attracted an audience while we played. I kicked his butt both times! Mylan even got a free "Hotel for Dogs" poster at the theater! The movie was really cute and funny. So we ate too much, laughed a lot and had a great time tonight...just the two of us.

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Anonymous said...

You're a great mother Ashlyne! You are really good with kids, even if they don't order from the kid's menue.