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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas with Larry's family in Arkansas 2008

The day after Christmas Larry and I drove to Arkansas to spend the weekend with his Dad, Step-mom, Granny, Sister and Bro-in-law. It has been man years since his dad had both Larry and Darla together for Christmas. Darla lives in Houston Texas.

While they had us all there together they decided to take to opportunity to give us some of Grandpa Edward Bakers things that they've had sorted for us and in storage.

Looks like Grandpa David is playing peek-a-boo with me! What a goof ball!

Sorting through the many, many boxes.

Nice hat Darla! Hee-hee! (Sorry folks, it's an inside joke!)

Granny Ina opening some Christmas gifts.

Connie and David opening some Christmas gifts.

Larry was so excited to find this old box of newspaper clippings. Theses were old sports newspaper clipping that he had hanging on his walls as a kid and his step-mom saved them for his all these years!

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Anonymous said...

Very funny hat joke...LOL. I might be starting a blog very soon, and paybacks can be very painful. Just joking, all in good fun!!

Love ya,