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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Eve Night: Preparing for Santa's Arrival

The night before Christmas always means that there is lots of work to be done in order to prepare for Santa and his Reindeer...

First: Mylan makes the cookies for Santa to eat. Mylan says that Santa LOVES chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Second: Mylan made a place mat for Santa's treats.

Third: Since Santa comes in through out chimney, Mylan places the treats on the fireplace.

Fourth: Oh and don't forget the reindeer! Always have reindeer food on hand. Mylan uses oats and glitter. The glitter reflects the moonlight so that the reindeer can find the food that we have scattered in the front lawn.

P.S. If you tend to burn cookies like I do then you can always use them for reindeer snacks. We simply placed the burnt cookies in a zip lock bag and wrote a note on the bag for Santa to read:
"Dear Santa,
I am sorry I burnt your cookies. Please take these for the reindeer to snack on.
Ash and Mylan"

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