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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Day at Grandma Sue's House 2008

In keeping with the Christmas tradition, after an early Christmas morning at our house, we headed to Grandma Sue's house.

Grandma Sue and Grandma Jeanette (Sue's mom) working away in the kitchen making the Christmas meal. Looks to me like I caught them during a little break though. Hey, the cooks got to eat to ya know!

Grandpa Woody with the forever attached video camera.

Aunt Darla (Larry's Sis) and Uncle John (Larry's Bro-in-law).

Grandma Jeannette checking out the apron I made for her for Christmas.

Grandma Sue checking out the center piece and place mats I made for her for Christmas.

Mylan proudly giving Larry the shelf he made with Grandpa Woody for Christmas.

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