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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Third Annual Halloween Party Activities

We all had a blast at Mylan's Third Annual Halloween Party!

The kids played in the party room...

Got tangled in the webs...

Even Buzz Light Year had fun!

The cutest Scare Crow showed up with mom and dad!

He tried to be shy but couldn't hide his excitement!

The food was delicious!

This is me and Shonda.

This is Mylan hanging out with his friends while everyone grabs a bite to eat.

The kids enjoyed a game of air hockey.

Silly Shonda.

The dads hung out in the living room.

Amy looks so pretty!

Is Eric hungry too?

Mylan serves some punch.

The Waller Family.

The Clingan Family.

Me and Larry.


The Dupler boys.

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