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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Baseball 2008

Mylan has started Fall baseball with his team. The boys are now playing kid pitch. Fall baseball is mainly to get the boys some experience with kid pitch baseball. Our team is playing again 9 and 10 yr old boys who have already had a season's experience of kid pitch. Some far this Fall we've only gotten to play one game because of all the rain we've had. However, we didn't that bother us because our boys whooped some booty! 18-6! Yeah! Mylan was catcher, his favorite position. He rocked! He even got a kid out on home that was trying to steal! It was a close call but he did great! He was so proud of himself and so were we! Here are a few snap shots.

Mylan gets a few tips from the catcher's coach - Larry aka Dad.

Here are a few snap shots of Mylan at practice before the game.

Kid pitch baseball is much fun! It's so exciting. The coach now gives the boys hand signals so that they know what the coach wants them to do such as steal a base or something. The catchers also give the pitcher hand signals so that they know what pitch to throw. It's so much fun!

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