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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Family Games

Our family plays a lot of games. We enjoy the family time together. Sometimes we make up silly games. Mylan has one of those little basketball hoops that hang on the door and a little basketball to go with it, he plays with it all the time. They glow in the dark. Tonight we made up a game of 'Hide and Glow'. We used Mylan's glow in the dark basketball. The rules: You need a flashlight and need to make the entire house dark. Next you need to hope that the neighbors don't call the police because they think someone is robbing your house. Since we had three players, one of us took the flashlight to place the glow in the dark ball somewhere around the house, while the other two stand in the kitchen so that they can't see where you are going. Remember the lights have to stay off the entire time. The person hiding the ball can not cover the ball up in anyway. Then once the ball is hidden, the other two take the flashlight and try to find the ball in the dark. Remember that as long as the flashlight is on you will not be able to see the glowing ball.

We also played catch with the glowing ball in the dark. It was fun! It's not easy to catch a glowing ball in the pitch dark.

Sometimes we play the "What if" game at dinner time. We take turns asking each other "what if" questions. Mylan likes to ask Larry sports questions like, "What if you could have dinner with the entire St. Louis Cardinals team or the jeep you always wanted?" It's fun!

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