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Friday, August 17, 2007

Christmas 2006

Wow, how old in this picture? I actually have hair! Well longer hair anyway. Hmmm...I am guessing it was taken around Christmas of 2004. Mylan is so cute!
On Christmas Eve of 2006,
Larry and Mylan tracked Santa Clause and his Reindeer on the computer. It would give you Santa's exact location and when he was due to arrive at your house! So you'd better be asleep before Santa arrived.
Oh, but don't forget to leave some milk, cookies and a thank you note for Santa and his Reindeer! Mylan's note read: Thank you for the presents at my moms. I like the basketball goal."
Mylan got the Christmas gift he was just "dying to have".
An X-BOX 360!! I think that daddy (my hubby) was just as excited about the X-BOX because he plays it just as much if not more than Mylan does!

Mylan had a special gift for daddy!
It was a K-State Stocking cap! Daddy is a K-State football fan.
Mylan even had a special gift for me!
It was a beautiful necklace that reads: "I Love You"! I wear it all the time! It is very special!
Before breakfast, the boys were so excited about Christmas Day that they decided to dance!! Wow, nice moves boys!

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