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Friday, August 3, 2007

Phew...When is break time?

Okay so I admit it...I am NOT Little Miss Betty Home Maker! I do try though. So don't I get some points for that?
My house is a wreck! I don't mean that it's just got a few things out of place. I mean that it has been declared a national disaster. Well...It feels like that to me anyway. I look around and feel overwhelmed to see all the work that needs to be done. Phew!
Besides the everyday, dreaded house chores, we've got some major work to do on our house. Of course it will take time. Like 5 or 10 years kind of time. Oh yeah, and it'll take money too. That darn money thing always gets in the way. My hubby and I bought our house July 2005. It's a "fixer upper" house. The house has a lot of potential! The neighborhood is quiet and very pretty with the tree lined streets.
When we fist moved in, there was only sub flooring in the Kitchen and dinning room. The living room carpet reeked of pet smells! Eww!
So we had new flooring put in.
Then there was the issue of the wallpapered living room. It looked horrible!
So we got to work. We removed a ton of wallpaper! There was three layers of wallpaper! That was hard work.
One night while my hubby was out with the guys, my sister and I decided that we would work on removing some of that wall paper. Well that turned into a big mess because I had gotten down to the dry wall and began removing the paper from that. My hubby wasn't very happy with me. He ended up having to do a lot of patching up on that section of the wall. He did an excellent job! No one would even know how much I tore it up by looking at it!
Last year, we replaced the drafty picture window in the living room. It made a huge difference! We no longer have to freeze our buns off in the winter!
We went about a year and a half before my husband had to drag me kicking and screaming to the store to buy some curtains for the living room windows. Besides the fact that I am indecisive, I also HATE to go shopping! I finally decided on red curtains. Oh and did I mention they were on clearance!
The backyard is a HUGE MESS!
We are trying to get the front yard in order before we even attempt the backyard. Oh boy, that backyard needs some major TLC!

Like I said, we've got some work to do on our little "fixer upper".


chey said...

well the inside dosnt look dirty to me through your window but if i were to go look at your house now all i would see would be "red clarence curtians" lol luv chey

Brian said...

Good story. Owning a house means you always have something to work on. It's never ending. Hang in there.