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Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh Boy...

My friend Kelli wants me to run in this 1 mile thing with her on September 15th. I said I would but I AM REALLY OUT OF SHAPE! I have been procrastinating (for 2 weeks) about getting into good enough shape to at least make this run without dieing before I get to the finish line. Kelli told me that running around the high school track 4 times was approximately 1 mile. So tonight I decided to give it a try and see how far I could make it around the track. I walked the track first. You know, a little warm up. Then I begin to jog, and jog, huff and puff, jog and jog some more. You won't believe it but I made it around that track 1 whole time! Barely. I didn't realize how badly out of shape I was. I felt like my heart was in my throat by the time I reached the end of the track. My legs were shaky and my tummy felt a little sick. Well I guess I'll try again tomorrow and see if I can get any further. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there.. Just started my workout routine today. I have a feeling this is going to be a long process!